8 Replies to “FFwD: Salad Niçoise”

  1. This was good, wasn’t it. Hubby and I enjoyed it and with all those ingredients, it made a wonderful meal.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Looks wonderful, Michelle! Sorry we missed this, but I’ll bet it was delicious with your tomatoes & Italian tuna. We’re marinating our roast right now.

  3. EmilyC: Thank you!
    nana: Thanks. Hope you had a nice weekend too!
    Mardi: Oh, sorry you don’t like tuna. I bet this salad would be good even without it though! 🙂
    Betsy: Thanks! Yep, it’s pretty good tuna!
    Alice: Thanks! You too 🙂
    Cher: It’s popular tuna!
    Susan: Thanks. I am jealous! I’m gonna miss the next one. I caught a cold and I’ll be sitting the roast out. I’ll have to just enjoy everyone’s photos on Friday!

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