FFwD: Crispy Crackly Apple Almond Tart

Crispy Crackly Apple Almond Tart

This week’s French Fridays with Dorie was for a crispy and crackly Apple Almond Tart made with filo dough. And although I do like working with filo (phyllo) dough, I already had some tart/pie dough that I had JUST defrosted from the freezer (the Dorie pie crust recipe, actually). So, I decided to just use that. While my tart wasn’t necessarily “crackly” it was crispy and delicious.

1. Since I made my tart sort of free-form, it turned out a little smaller, so I only ended up using about 1-1/2 apples.
2. Speaking of apples, I used a Fuji and a Gala.
3. For the almond cream, I used Trader Joe’s Almond Meal, which isn’t skinned, so my cream is a little darker.
4. For the glaze, I used Apricot Jam mixed with a little water and about 1/4 tsp of almond extract.
5. We really liked the tart and I actually thought he flavor was even better the second day!

Okay, here’s a link to everyone’s posts and my photos.

Crispy Crackly Apple Almond Tart
Tart dough rolled out, almond cream made and apples.

Crispy Crackly Apple Almond Tart
Peeled and sliced apples.

Crispy Crackly Apple Almond Tart
I spread the cream on pretty hick and still had about half the almond cream leftover.

Crispy Crackly Apple Almond Tart
Apples arranged on the tart. Since I didn’t have any extra sugar between layers of filo, I sprinkled some sugar on top before baking.

Crispy Crackly Apple Almond Tart
Out of the oven and ready for glazing.

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  1. We only made a half recipe so my tart didn’t survive until the next day. Too bad because I was thinking that it would have made a mighty tasty breakfast.

  2. Your tart looks rustic and I love that look. I have never seen Almond Meal at Trader Joe’s. I used Bob’s Red Mill but I actually like the darker color because of the skins. Nice job. I bet it was delicious.

  3. I’m enjoying leftovers as I’m reading your post. I’m glad to know that this works with regular pie crust too. And, great idea to add almond extract to the glaze.

  4. A couple in the kitchen: Thanks! It was pretty good 😉
    Cher: Yep. Maybe the almond cream and apples just got more flavorful or something?
    Rose: Oh! definitely a great breakfast!
    Geraldine: You should definitely make this one! 🙂
    Susan: Thank you!
    Lola: yeah, I just couldn’t justify going out and buying filo when I had defrosted tart dough already…
    Adriana: Oh, I bet puff pastry was delicious too!
    Maria: Exactly! 🙂
    Mary: Well, BRM almond meal is great too! 😉
    Betsy: Thanks! 🙂

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