FFwd: Eggplant “Tartine” with Tomatoes, Olives, and Cucumber

Eggplant Tartine with Tomatoes, Olives and Cucumbers

Wow! Well, I think I have found my most favorite French Fridays with Dorie ever! And that’s so surprising because I didn’t think this would be anything special at all. Something about the eggplant and vegetables and shaved cucumber slices that all just really worked together. I dunno…maybe it’s just olive oil-vinegar-herb-grill pan magic.

Speaking of grill panning, that is one thing I did differently, as we’re having a bit of a heat wave and here’s just no way I could have turned on my oven. Not even for nachos, so no way I’m roasting eggplant slices. I’m just saying…

Notes: (and there are many because I changed a lot)
1. I grilled my eggplant slices for about 5-7 minutes per side and got really nice grill marks and my eggplant softened up quite a bit. I also sprinkled a little garlic powder on my eggplant slices just because. Why not?
2. The tomatoes (Romas) and cucumber were from our garden!
3. I made a smaller recipe, with two slices of eggplant and a fractions of the tomatoes, cucumber, onion, etc.
4. Instead of oregano, I used fresh basil (also from the garden)!
5. White balsamic instead of red wine vinegar. I sub these vinegars a lot. I’m not a huge fan of red wine vinegar and white balsamic (I don’t think) is as sweet for regular balsamic, so it’s a good fit for most vinaigrette.

Okay, here’s a link to everyone’s posts and here are some pictures.

Eggplant slices for Eggplant Tartine with Tomatoes, Olives and Cucumbers
Eggplant slices salted, peppered and oiled up.

Tomatoes and cucumber for Eggplant Tartine with Tomatoes, Olives and Cucumbers
Tomatoes and cucumber from the garden.

Eggplant Tartine with Tomatoes, Olives and Cucumbers
Tomatoes, onion, green olives, basil, garlic, capers, and vinegar.

Eggplant Tartine with Tomatoes, Olives and Cucumbers
Grilling eggplant slices in the trusty grill pan.

Eggplant Tartine with Tomatoes, Olives and Cucumbers
I used a box grater for the cucumber slices. Somewhat successfully.

Eggplant Tartine with Tomatoes, Olives and Cucumbers
Getting ready to stack stuff on top of the grilled eggplant

Eggplant Tartine with Tomatoes, Olives and Cucumbers
So amazingly good. I was seriously amazed.

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  1. I wish, I wish, I wish, I had put my eggplant slices on my grill outside. Although I liked this week’s recipe choice just fine, I wish my slices had been a bit softer. Pretty pictures. Lovely produce from your garden.

  2. This recipe seemed to be a winner for a lot of people. We loved the “salsa” very much and I have been
    using the left overs on crackers. Absolutely delish.. Great photos.

  3. Isn’t it so much fun to use your vegetables and herbs from your garden?? You dish looks great. Happy that you liked it so much. I was with you on the basil. I did a method comparison for the roasted eggplant – good idea though with the grill pan – hot here too!

  4. I have white balsamic in the pantry and always forget to use it. I’ll pull it out the next time I make this delicious salsa. Glad that this was a winner for you.

  5. Some of my favorite posts are for the recipes that don’t have photos in the book – I think we all more creative that way. I love that you striped you eggplants. I didn’t make this, but I think I’d be tempted to throw it on pizza dough!

  6. Cher: Thanks! Everyone’s does look so interesting (and slightly different)!
    Teresa: Definitely!
    Paula: Agreed. Hope you had a great weekend too!
    Mary: Thanks! Grilling, I think, was the way to go on these.
    Nana: The “salsa” was the best! 🙂
    Lola: Thanks!
    Candy: Yeah, I think the basil definitely made it wonderful.
    Betsy: White Balsamic is something I never even used to use. I think I had to buy it for a recipe. Now? I can’t imagine life without it! 🙂
    Susan: Ohhhh, I love the idea of this on pizza@ You should try that!

  7. I also considered using the grill, but it was cool enough that day to bake a cake, so my oven was already on. otherwise, I would have done the same! I see you’re in pdx with cats. my daughter and her hubby are there, and have this amazing floor-to-ceiling cat house. it’s in one of my Portland posts from June.

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