FFwD: Asparagus & Bits of Bacon

Asparagus & Bits of Bacon

This week’s French Fridays with Dorie is asparagus. And bacon! Hooray! I really liked this recipe and it was very simple. We had it on the side of the Fennel-crusted Tuna. I made a half recipe and in lieu of a nut oil, I used olive oil and tossed in a few toasted almonds. Delicious (and very photogenic)!

Okay, here’s a link to everyone’s posts and my photos are below.

Asparagus & Bits of Bacon
Bacon crumbled, red onion chopped.

Asparagus & Bits of Bacon
Asparagus cooked and draining.

Asparagus & Bits of Bacon
Re-heating the bacon and onion.

Asparagus & Bits of Bacon
Tossing it all together.

Asparagus & Bits of Bacon

11 Replies to “FFwD: Asparagus & Bits of Bacon”

  1. This was a nice one to photograph but your pictures were still especially wonderful. And that tuna…oh my. I really need to try something like that around here – my guys would go nuts !! Great job and glad you enjoyed it. Nana and I both had two thumbs up for this one but there are not many things that adding bacon and onion don’t deem winners in our book. Except maybe sardines…..

  2. Tricia: Thanks! I even decreased the bacon a bit! And, ha! Yes, that’s going to be a rough week — sardines & then taxes! 😉
    Cher: Thank you! Have a great weekend too 🙂
    Alice: Thanks!

  3. You made me smile about the photogenic part! I love it when the food we cook is both delicious and pretty for the camera. The addition of almond slivers is intriguing. I’ll try that next time!

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