Why I Cook


Yesterday, Michael Ruhlman posed a question on Twitter as to why food bloggers cook. It’s short and bullet-pointed, but this is why I cook.

  • It’s fun and relaxing (especially if you have a glass or two of wine while cooking).
  • Otherwise, my husband would eat dry ramen noodles & take-out burritos. (Probably not all the time, but sometimes, yes.)
  • I love eating.
  • It’s a creative outlet.
  • It seems familiar and comforting — I have fond memories of my mother and I watching Julia Child on TV every Saturday afternoon.
  • It’s healthier. I know what I am eating and how much fat/salt is in there. And, if there is a lot of fat in there, I put it there on purpose. Ha!
  • The successes are really great feeling. When I baked my first loaf of French bread, (last month!!) even if it wasn’t perfect, it was still recognizable as bread. And it tasted like bread. That was so awesome.

Bonus Question Why I blog about it:

  • It’s nice being part of an online community of people who are passionate about food and love cooking too. I also just really, really like taking pictures of food.

9 Replies to “Why I Cook”

  1. Your photography is great. I’ve wondered how you are able to cook and take pictures at the same time. Just for fun I looked over some recent recipes and came across Experiments in Pulled Pork Sandwiches. The images are wonderful of the garlic and oranges and in the crock pot. Keep it up. Jim

  2. I cook therfore I am! I f the world were to go to hell tomorrow I would not starve. I can grow catch, fish, hunt,skin etc… amongst the finer culinary forms I make pasta making,cheese, pickle etc…

  3. I cook for all the same reasons PLUS — it’s my pretend moment of being a chef/restauranteur without the ACTUAL PAIN of being one! Imagine putting all the cookbooks, food shows, and blogs into action.
    I just discovered your website… thank you!

  4. Jim: Thanks so much! Sometimes, yes, it is hard to photograph and cook the food at the same time and I will admit to burning an item or two while taking a picture 😉
    Ed: Supplying your own food is great! And then taking all of those things and turning them into pasta and cheese? Awesome! Mmmmmmmm, pasta and cheese…. 😉
    Lea: That’s a very good point! I am delicate and I could not take the heat in a real kitchen. Literally. I hate sweating and I’d get very upset if anyone yelled at me (Too much Hell’s Kitchen?) Anyway, totally, wonderful pretend moment of being a real chef/restauranteur! 🙂 And glad you found my site — welcome!

  5. That summarizes it all!
    If I was to do a blog about it, I would have to just point a link to yours, not to be redundant… 🙂
    (I do think that baking bread might be THE most rewarding experience in the kitchen!)

  6. And we love that you do!
    Your blog has definitely influenced my love of using fresh ingredients to cook REAL food. Once, I even did a month-long vegan/no sugars/no gluten cleanse using recipes I adapted from this site.
    My stomach and host reputation thank you!

  7. SallyBR: Thanks! And yeah, I think I agree with you on the bread. I just made Ciabatta that turned out really well! So exciting!
    ID: Aw, thanks! 😉
    I’m so happy that you enjoy my blog and it has inspired you in coming up with healthy recipes variations. And you are most definitely, very welcome!

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