Reliving My Youth Through Toasty Faux Pizza

It was so pretty, I just had to take a picture…

Last weekend jwa and I went out for lunch and had enough food so that neither of us was starving that evening. At the same time, we both wanted a little something for dinner. Enter the English muffin pizza — a staple of my youth and it turns out, his too. Toast an English muffin, spread with tomato sauce, top with appropriate toppings (in this case onion, cheese, tomato and garlic) and stick under the broiler until toasty. Takes five minutes to make and it hits the spot as required.

That is all. Spent a long weekend in Gearhart (two meals at Pacific Way Cafe!) and am too lazy to post about Pear-Ginger Pie tonight. Perhaps tomorrow.

5 Replies to “Reliving My Youth Through Toasty Faux Pizza”

  1. glad you took that picture- it is pretty and looks delicious too. I love Gearhart-almost bought a home there years ago before moving to Seattle…. wonderful area to explore in!

  2. Jann: Thanks! Yep, we love Gearhart. In fact, we dream of getting a small vacation house there one day…maybe in a few years…. 🙂

  3. Love Gearheart. We have a friend that has a wonderful beach house there and loved staying there. I figured the entire area was so delightful the wife and kid and I decided to spend last Labor Day in Seaside. Dear god, that was horrible. Gearheart or bust!
    I grew up in Saudi Arabia, so it was shawerma pita pizzas for us (with weird cheese and of course no faux pepperoni with no pork). And then when I was junior high, french bread…something I still rather enjoy to this day.

  4. Ani & GC: Pita pizzas are awesome. I don;t even really count those as faux pizzas because they’re just so good. I remember slicing the pita open halfway on one side, spreading some ricotta and roasted garlic in there, then toasting the pita under the broiler with some olive oil and parm, then topping with sauce, cheese and whatever else. Sort of like a stuffed pizza. So good!

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