Two and a Half Years Later…


So, my SHF dish is done but my extra-credit materials are not. So, SHF post this weekend. Today, we bask in the glory that is my finished (!) mosaic project — see, the last post was almost a year ago.


We live in a bungalow. When you go up the stairs, there is a counter with built-in bookshelves, a bathroom and three bedrooms. When we first moved in, I knew I wanted to do something fun with this large 12 foot by 1 1/2 foot counter top space. I just didn’t know what exactly. I just wanted to add something to the house that would be here after we left. Sort of like adding a piece of mine and jwa’s history to our house.


Then it came to me. A mosaic. There’s shattering glass involved, toxic fumes, grout, it’s some-what permanent and it involves hours and hours (and hours) of tedious work! It’s perfect. It started well. I think I finished laying out half the glass tile designs in the first three months. But then…


I had longer and longer breaks between work sessions. Then, two years passed. Well, finally last week I laid the last piece of cut glass down and then I grouted the whole damn thing. (Very messy!)


But it’s done. And I feel a huuuuuge sense of accomplishment. Yay!

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  1. Take a bow! Pat yourself on the back! What a great job and beautiful mosaic. I read back through your links to the first post and the painting you did. I’m so impressed. And I’m so very color challenged! I love the Merry Cricket paint with the soft yellow walls. Do you hire out?

  2. Kelly: Thanks. Um, no. I started a new job and we’ve been really busy but this weekend we are setting up the estimate and stuff. From there? It’s practically done.

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