Happy Easter! Make S'meeps


I saw this last week on Serious Eats. Brilliant!

It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Yeah, I made high-end s’meeps with the fancy-pants chocolate…so what?

Get graham crackers, chocolate & marshmallow peeps. Assemble.


Toast. I did mine for 4 minutes in the toaster oven.


Remove from oven.


Put top layer (un-toasted) of graham cracker on. Smoosh down.




Grumpy-cat is not amused by s’meeps.

Completely unrelated, I played around with some possible new house colors today. We’ve never been happy with the grey/no contrast exterior of the house. Nothing pops. It’s kind of dreary.


Hopefully, this Summer we will re-side and paint. And do something like this (excuse the kind of crappy photoshop):


Dark orange door and accents. Green siding/paint. Bright ivory (with a hint of yellow) trim and columns. It would look so nice…

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  1. I saw these on serious eats too and I almost went out and bought peeps just so I could make them. lol
    the house colors looks great! Its amazing what a difference a coats of paint can make. We painted out house when we first bought it, and I swear they could have upped the selling price by a good $10k if they went with our colors first. (it was a gross faded yellow with orange trim and shutters we went with white for the siding, with grey blue for the trim and navy for the shutters- so crisp!)

  2. My house is more or less these colors and we dig it. I am wondering what color that trim is b/c we do like ours but somehow the trim was the hardest part to find the exact contrast we’d hoped to find. I love the orange that you found. Good luck!

  3. Rosa: Thanks! Yes he is…he knows it too 😉
    Edie: Hopefully, this Summer!
    LK: It makes such a total difference. I think if our house now had some kind of contrasting color (like navy/grey-blue) we would be okay with it. But nope, nothing. All grey :/
    averilpdx: Yeah, while driving to work today I actually saw colors similar to these a lot in our neighborhood (close-in SE). 🙂
    All (except for the siding color) are colors I did in photoshop. So, I’ll have to actually still find the exact colors I want in the real world :/ I want a slightly yellowy ivory for the trim. Yes, that will probably be the hardest part!

  4. I made Smeeps too! But only by dipping their bottoms in melted chocolate and sticking them to graham crackers. I did torture some over a candle flame last night, though.
    My coworkers think I’m the coolest thing ever.

  5. House color will be great. I’d cut down the shrubs in the front; they’re way too big for that placement. It would really open things up.

  6. Mary Sue: Hmmm….that’s an interesting approach. Too bad all our peeps are gone, I’d give it a try 😉
    Chris: but they were tasty! 🙂
    Kathryn: Thanks. Yes. The PINK rhododendrons. We hate those. We want to get rid of them but whenever we mention that we want to cut them down, people gasp like we just said we were going to go on a puppy murder spree. 🙁
    One day, we’ll just do it. W/o mentioning it to anyone. Mahahahha! But, we do like the privacy they offer — any suggestions on smaller bushes that might look better, but still shield just a bit? Or, would it look weird to just have something on the (picture’s) left side?

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