This is the Kind of Night it Was…

So, my original plan was to go to bed early last night and post something this morning. Perhaps the chicken and plum tart from my new Shakespeare-inspired Cookbook that I got in Ashland a couple of weeks ago. Or maybe the lavender and rosemary crusted chicken.

But here’s what happened instead.

10PM — I turn the light out and try to sleep while jwa decides to do his vocal impressions of Jack Black, Dio, Meatloaf and Dave Grohl while singing along to the entire Pick of Destiny soundtrack.

11PM — jwa discovers computer stuff at work is broken and he needs to go in and see what’s wrong…

11:30PM — Spencer is upset that jwa is gone — continually mrows and vocalizes his displeasure. Chelsea, oblivious, snores away.

12:00 AM — I go downstairs and end up watching Law & Order.

1:30 AM — I go back to bed and read a bit. Turn out the light for the 2nd time around 2:00.

2:30 AM — jwa calls, he’s going to be a while longer.

3:00 AM — I think I fall asleep, as does Spencer, who finally gives up his protest and decides to take a nap. Chelsea still snoring.

4:00 AM-ish — jwa gets home. Then promptly starts snoring. Thankfully, I fall back asleep too.

6:45 AM — Alarm goes off. I hate the alarm clock with the heat of a thousand suns. I make coffee and decide I’d rather stare at the wall and try to will time to turn backwards, than try to decide what recipe to post about.

8:00 AM — jwa gives me a ride to work so I can leave 30 minutes later than usual. I feel a little guilty for him getting out of bed after only four hours of sleep, but then I remember he gets to come home and go back to bed and I feel okay with it.

10:00 AM — I can’t believe I have 6.5 more hours at work until I can go home and sleep.

Anyway, that’s why there’s not a new food post today…

4 Replies to “This is the Kind of Night it Was…”

  1. I think it may be the lack of sleep but I laughed for like five minutes at your comment…i need a nap.

  2. Some days are just better than others-we all have an occassional freakie day….relax….and we will catch up on your next post when you can find some peace and quiet!

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