Finally! And it's Beautiful! And Happy Halloween!


Yesterday, we had our marmoleum kitchen floor installed and we love it. It’s completely worth not having a refrigerator in the kitchen for the next 36 hours while it continues doing whatever it’s doing before we seal it Wednesday night. We do have a fridge in the garage though, so that is helpful. I’m just not doing much cooking for the next couple of days. Again, though, completely worth it!


The Details
I seriously thought this would never happen. We started by going to Marion’s Carpets, which stocks marmoleum and in the beginning, seemed that they would be easy to work with. Nope. Now, perhaps carpet through them is fine, but trying to get Marmoleum purchased and installed through Marion’s was like trying to get the kitchen floor covered in gold, with the work only being able to be completed by exotic and highly-skilled, yet surly circus animals. Also, Marion’s was very bad at returning phone calls. In addition, we had to put a deposit down for materials before we could get an estimate (we got this back). Oh and they are overpriced. Blah.

Plus, the contractor they sent out never left us with a bid sheet or an estimate of his costs — we just got the cost for the marmoleum (about $800!!?). While trying to get an answer as to why the estimate was so high, our salesman asked if jwa (the male) was home while the measurements were taken on the kitchen. Because, I kid you not, as a female, apparently, I may not have noticed if the contractor had accidentally measured the dining room and the living room as well. Uh. Okay. Buh-bye, Marion’s. You suck.

We next tried to get a few basic installation estimates from other contractors but without much luck. Why is it so hard to find someone who is bonded, reliable and knows what they are doing?

pic 2
The marmoleum sits in the dining room…waiting

Finally, we turned to (and should have used from the beginning) Linoleum City. Their Marmoleum prices are about $10 less per square yard than Marion’s. Plus, they work with Dave from DJs Floors for installation, who, in a word, is awesome. Our materials costs came to about $450 through Linoleum City — oh, don’t ask me how the hell the Marion’s contractor measured — I’m just a girl!

About a 1/3 done…Hooray!

Dave and his son came early Monday morning and patched up the old floor where it was coming up and covered the whole floor lightly with a cement-like topping. Let it dry and scuffed it up so the Marmoleum adhesive would have something to hold on to well. Then, they started to put the Indian Summer floor down.

Almost there!

Another good thing is that DJ’s Floors is bonded and insured. Seems like a given but you’d be surprised at how many contractors we met with that were not. This is a good source for finding out that information (in Oregon — I’m sure every state has this type of information online, you should seek it out).

So, we will be eating out the next couple of days (Detour Cafe for Breakfast on Monday and PokPok for dinner that night — basement dining room opening in about a month, by the way. Oh and the new lamb skewer special is really good!)

old vs new
The kitchen when we first bought the house (almost) 4 years ago and now. The counter tops are the next to go.


  • Linoleum City
    623 SE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.
    Portland, OR 97214
    (503) 234-7271 or toll free 1-866-238-2989
  • DJ’s Floors / Dave Pitzer
  • Oregon Construction Contractor License Search
  • Tips for hiring a contractor
  • Forbo Marmoleum
  • 11 Replies to “Finally! And it's Beautiful! And Happy Halloween!”

    1. Beautiful, beautiful floor Michelle. Totally worth the wait for a good installer.
      I have marmoleum in my laundry room/half bath/back entryway and I love it. Problem with the installation process is that the yahoos doing the work put gouges and nicks in my just painted walls. I was given two bottles of the marmoleum finish coat as a consolation.

    2. The marmoleum looks great! Which color is that? We’re planning to redo the entire kitchen next summer, and we’re definitely going with marmoleum. We had it in our old house, and we loved it!

    3. Christine: Installation is such a pain…at least you got a litle something but it’s too about your walls.
      Mariko: This is “Indian Summer” (I forget the number but that’s the name).
      It was between (mostly) this color and “Henna”, which was a little darker and redder.
      Edie: Thanks! 🙂

    4. I love that color – as well as the wall color, they go together really well! Congratulations on finally getting it done, it’s it a relief? hehe
      I remember waiting for the fugly horrible GRAY AND DIRTY linoleum the former owners had installed to be torn out and my pretty ceramic tiles laid. That was the last of our kitchen remodel, which we took on from the minute we moved in. I don’t think about wept with joy when it was all done. lol

    5. Now that’s a kitchen for inspiration. I’m trying to convince my wife to allow me to turn our detached garage into one big kitchen, but for some reason I’m running into a lot of pushback. Maybe it’s because we already have a kitchen, inside the home proper. Sigh.

    6. I am leaning toward Indian Summer marmoleum in my kitchen, so I did a Google search for it and discovered this site. I’ve now bookmarked it. Great blog. By strange coincidence, I’m also in Portland, so it’s interesting to read your comments about the local restaurants.
      I was happy to see that the floor looks great.
      What do you plan to do with your counters?

    7. Great floor! I too, have had great luck with DJ’s floors. After seeing their work seven years ago, nobody will touch my floors but DJ’s floors. Their prices were very reasonable and the installation was done in a timely manner. They were really great to work with and would highly recommend them!

    8. I am trying to convince my husband that Linoleum is a good choice for our kitchen. We love to cook and it seems practical and pretty!
      Do you still love marmoleum or has the glow worn off? I want to have a matt finish which it seemed to me you have. I love Asian tiger.
      Your blog is fabulous!

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