FFwD: Swiss Chard Pancakes (but really Arugula Pancakes)

FFwD: Swiss Chard Pancakes but really Arugula Pancakes

I almost didn’t make this French Fridays with Dorie. In fact, I really wasn’t going to make it at all but at 9:00pm on Thursday night I looked to see what the assignment was…it was Swiss Chard Pancakes. I had really wanted to make those. And I didn’t have any chard. Because I was lazy and I absolutely did not want to go to the store, I used what I did have — arugula. Dorie even suggests these pancakes are very good with spinach instead of chard, and is arugula really that far away from spinach? No. Especially not at 9:00pm on a Thursday.

The nice thing is these came together so quickly! I was all done by 9:30-ish. And we had a nice breakfast all ready for the following morning (Friday). I just rewarmed them in a 350 degree F oven (in foil) for about 10 minutes. I served the pancakes with some Greek yogurt and finely diced red onion.

The few changes I made: made a half recipe, added about 1 tsp Dijon mustard to the batter, and sprinkled a tiny bit of Parmesan cheese on each pancake before I flipped it over. Oh and I also used much less oil for frying, just because it seemed sensible.

The recipe for Dorie’s Swiss Chard Pancakes is here but you can, of course, also find it in the cookbook, Around My French Table.

Okay, my photos below and a link to everyone’s French Fridays posts here.

FFwD: Swiss Chard Pancakes but really Arugula Pancakes

FFwD: Swiss Chard Pancakes but really Arugula Pancakes

FFwD: Swiss Chard Pancakes but really Arugula Pancakes

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  1. I like your variation, the arugula, mustard, and parmesan sound delicious together. I used much less oil for this, too – unless you have a very sticky grill, I don’t know why you’d need the amount called for in the recipe.

  2. Very nice! I used less oil too – I didn’t see the point of frying them in a puddle. They came out pretty well, I thought. Yours look great!

  3. Great adaption your cakes must have had a lot of flavor. I used a mustard as one of our topping. I will try your variation out… really wonderful.

  4. Oooo…love the addition of arugula…I’m sure it was delicious! Your pancakes have such a nice vibrant color…lovely!

  5. Your flavors really sound very nice.
    I like that theese are reheatable in the oven. I threw a couple in the toaster as leftovers and thought that worked pretty well, but the oven is great for a mass reheat.

  6. Arugula sounds like an interesting twist! I didn’t take the sensible route and used way too much oil for cooking these. They were not the best that way. I’m glad you had a better result.

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