FFwD: Nutella Tartine

Nutella Tartine

This French Friday with Dorie pick, for me this week, was the perfect recipe. It was super quick and chocolatey and aside from the nutella, I actually had all the ingredients already. Perfect!

Instead of brioche, I used challah as the recipe suggested as an alternative. But not just any challah — I had some cranberry challah rolls in the freezer. This was the perfect excuse to defrost one, slice it up, and slather it with goodness. Plus, I thought the cranberries added to the overall flavor.


1. I kind of wish the other side of the bread was toasted too. If I do this again, I’d probably toast the one side, flip it over and then spread the butter and toast up the second side.
2. I had no patience for a double boiler and just gave the nutella two 15-second cycles in the microwave.
3. I used chopped pecans for the top, as I didn’t have any hazelnuts.

That’s pretty much it. Here’s a link to everyone’s posts and my photos below.

Nutella Tartine
The makings of a delicious snack.

Nutella Tartine
Challah buttered and toasted, orange marmalade on.

Nutella Tartine
Here starts the Nutella-drizzlin’.

Nutella Tartine

17 Replies to “FFwD: Nutella Tartine”

  1. Nutella just makes everything better 🙂
    I buttered my bread on both sides and toasted it in the frying pan – it just seemed like the thing to do.

  2. I agree with your first note. In fact, after we made the first round as written in the recipe, I just ended up using my toaster for the second round. Quicker and easier than the broiler.
    Your cranberry challah sounds delicious.

  3. Those cranberry challah rolls look wonderful. I tried going the microwave route with the Nutella but it didn’t work out for me. Pecans can do no wrong with chocolate in my book.

  4. I agree, bread should be toasted on both sides. I just like the crunch. I used brioche but I like Challah so will probably use that when I do this again. We liked this recipe. I am a new Nutella fan – banned it from my house 35 years ago.

  5. Yes, this tartine is indeed the best reason to get to that cranberry challah roll in the freezer. Looks great! I put my sliced breat in a regular toaster without butter. Hmm, didn’t occur to me that the original direction would leave us with only one side toasted. 🙂

  6. So funny! I actually liked that the toasted side was firm enough to spread on, but that the other side was soft. Of course, I didn’t really like the end product 🙁 Still, it’s a good-looking snack.

  7. Boy that cranberry challah sounded great. I am such a carb addict. Need to find ways to add more calories and fat to my breads like a whole in my head….but oh this was fabulous ! And for the record, I microwaved my Nutella too. Next time I will just toast the bread…..

  8. cranberry challah?? thats pretty unique in my book! Love your use of pecans instead of hazelnuts! I zapped our chocolate too, thats why we spread it across the jam because it didnt drizzle very well! 🙂

  9. This looks very tasty–I have some pan de sal rolls left in the freezer I can try it out on. Anything to eat some nutella.

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