When the Shazam! Breaks…You Know the Party's Over


My mom came to visit us and we had a very nice holiday. We ate a little fruitcake and a lot of pix and today, I knocked the leftover Shazam! over and broke it. That’s okay — it’s still tasty!


Here’s a picture of the holiday table featuring — Cornish Game Hens, Stuffing, Roasted Vegetables, Cranberry Relish and a Parsnip-Hazelnut-Sage Gratin. I’ll try to post the gratin recipe this weekend as it was so very good.


Let’s see — we also got a futon for my office/the guest room. I like it a lot so far and it looks a lot better than the hairballed, cat-stained, old, cheap couch that was there. Go figure…

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

5 Replies to “When the Shazam! Breaks…You Know the Party's Over”

  1. A shazam:
    “Rich and creamy caramel mousse, salted almonds, dense chocolate almond cake, and more caramel…Shazam”
    All in like a 5 inch tall chocolate tower. Mmmm…. 🙂

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