Product Review: Matisse & Jacks Bake at Home Energy Bars


Matisse & Jacks Bake at Home Energy bars

A cool thing about having a food blog is that every so often people offer to send me stuff to try and write about. This is what happened here — energy bars. Or, in my case, breakfast bars and healthy cookies.

Matisse and Jacks Bake at Home Energy Bars are mixes that you mix together with yogurt and apple sauce (there are other suggested add-ins and recipes on the box). After agreeing to try the Trailblaze Baking Mixes, I was very promptly sent two boxes — the Cranberry Walnut and Chocolate Chip. First up, the chocolate chip.

For these, rather than bake as bars, I chose to follow the recipe on the box for cookies. This entailed adding a couple of eggs, apple sauce, butter, brown sugar and vanilla. When first mixed up, I thought the batter seemed a bit loose, but I let it sit for a minute or two and it was fine. My guess is that there are a lot of grains and grain-like ingredients in there that need to absorb the wet items.


Baked ’em up and they were all (about 16 cookies) gone within a day and a half. Now, if you go into it expecting a chocolate chip cookie, you’ll be disappointed. They are of course, “healthy” cookies. But, if you go into it expecting a healthy snack — you will love them. At least we did, you might be weird.

A couple of days later I baked up the cranberry-walnut bars for breakfast bars. These did not move quite as fast as the cookies but were still gone within a few days. I thought they were pretty flavorful and good and made for a quick and tasty breakfast.


If you are in California, you can probably find these in a grocery store. Lucky. If not, you can get them online.

Next week there will be more posts…