Cake Baking Deserves a Quiet Night


So, July 14th is the one year anniversary of Je Mange la Ville. To celebrate I have decided to host a birthday party. Bake a cake, cupcakes, or any other celebratory type dessert. You can also buy a piece of cake or a cupcake at a bakery or restaurant. I’m really not that picky. Take a picture of a leftover Easter Peep — that’d work.

1. Post about it on your blog sometime between now and July 14th (with a picture — include the recipe if you make something)
2. send the link to mlbATjemangelavilleDOTcom
3. I will recap everything and provide links to everyone’s post (much like an IMBB or a SHF)

I will be very happy if a couple people participate and really, isn’t it nice to have an excuse to make something cakey and sweet?

6 Replies to “Cake Baking Deserves a Quiet Night”

  1. Now Fred’s birthday is July 14th, very appropriate for a Frenchman to be born on Bastille Day. But unfortunately he doesn’t like sweet things at all, so i don’t have the excuse to bake him a cake. Maybe I will just have to bake one for myself instead, especially since no one has gotten me a birthday cake for several years. (and i LOVE cakes).

  2. Sam: Now that’s the spirit!
    Oh, but how does he not like sweet things? That’s crazy-talk 🙂
    Tanna: True. Very true. 🙂

  3. I’ll try to participate, although in this part of the country, it’s a bit hot to be running an oven. But I like cake, so I’ll do what I can!

  4. Yoko: there’s alwways a fruit tart of some kind or an ice cream cake… 😉
    Really, anything will work!

  5. From one Portland,OR blogger to another here is a big warm hello and a hug. Your blog is terrific, wonder why i missed it till Allana of Veggie venture told me about you today. For the Cake-athon can i send in an entry which i have posted already?

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