Refreshing Cantaloupe Smoothie Concoction


Now this is a great, refreshing dinner for when you want something light. It also makes a wonderful breakfast. I saw this in the new July/August Everyday Food and couldn’t wait to try it. Half a cantaloupe will give you two good-sized smoothies. Eat the other half of the cantaloupe the next day or hell, make two more smoothies! I added a little milk to this, as the cantaloupe needed a little help getting going in the beginning. Also, I recommend buying a whole cantaloupe for this — pre-cut chunks tend to have less flavor and you really want the cantaloupe to have as much flavor as possible.

I imagine this would also work very well with melon.


Cantaloupe Smoothie
3 cups cantaloupe (1/2 a cantaloupe)
1/4 cup fat-free milk
2 Cups low-fat or fate free, plain yogurt (or, I bet vanilla yogurt would be great in this too)
2-3 tbsp honey


Add the milk and half the cantaloupe to the blender. Pulse until it is broken down. Then add the rest of the cantaloupe, yogurt, honey and ice.


Garnish with fresh mint to be fancy.

3 Replies to “Refreshing Cantaloupe Smoothie Concoction”

  1. Sooo very good! I’ll probably use buttermilk in place of your milk, I just like it. And peaches would be good! I think you got a self generating recipe here.

  2. Some time, try nothing but the cantaloupe. All by itself it makes a great smoothie! BTW your “Amazing Carrot Salad” posted this morning! Thanks again … the autograph IS in the mail! 😉

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