Quick Chocolate Fix: Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownies


Oh, these were good. It started innocently enough — I was at the store for something completely healthy. Perhaps it was broccoli or some wheat pasta. Or olive oil. Anyway, I passed the baking aisle and … oh. Mmmmm… Those look good. Huh, maybe I should just see if they’re any good.

Yeah…they were good. They’re gone now.


I want to make brownies from scratch sometime but until that time — the Ghirardelli ones will do. I was actually surprised at how good they were for a box mix and so was jwa.


In other news I am starting to freak out about Thursday’s dinner for 25. Except now it’s 29. And it’s supposed to snow. Wah!

More on that tomorrow.

3 Replies to “Quick Chocolate Fix: Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownies”

  1. Is it Thursday tonight Thursday? Gulp. Good luck.
    Ok back to brownies, Yum. In the past 5 years, I have made several batches of various homeade brownies on a Sunday afternoon snowed in, looking in the cupboard, oh, I have cocoa powder, oooh I have butter, flour, tons of sugar. What can I do with all this? Anyway, I’ve yet to find a recipe that screams out to eat the whole pan. Which is probably a good thing. But perhaps you should “test kitchen” several batches and come back with what is good or as good as the box of Ghirardelli. (you know like the gazpacho week)

  2. Ghirardelli has very good brownie mixes.
    The only other brownie that I’ve had that’s just delicious is this one. I don’t eat brownies often, and I dare not make the Ghirardelli ones and this brownie cake to compare the taste. It calls it a brownie cake, but we ate it like brownies. I didn’t even have a round baking dish to hold it which decided that for us. My hubby and I dubbed it the Ten Pound Brownie cause that’s what it looked like while baking, a giant single brownie.

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