FFwD: Mustard Batons

Mustard Batons

French Fridays with Dorie again. So, here’s what I made last week — yeah, I have to pay closer attention to the schedule! But regardless, these were delicious!

Things I learned/notes:

1. Super easy to make a half recipe here.
2. I used a mix of mustards — a stone ground one and a double dijon.
3. I also used a mix of poppy seeds on some and sesame seeds on the others. I liked both but I kind of loved the sesame seeds.
4. Next time I must try this with olive tapenade. And maybe some Parmesan cheese. Ohhh, or roasted garlic. Okay, lots of options here! I know what I’d doing with that other sheet of puff pastry in the freezer.
5. These are almost embarrassingly easy for how wonderful they are!

Here’s a link to all the Mustard Baton posts! And below, my pictures.

Mustard Batons

Mustard Batons
Puff pastry rolled out, mustard applied.

Mustard Batons
Sliced (I used a pizza cutter), egg washed, and seeds applied.

Mustard Batons
Fresh from the oven.

14 Replies to “FFwD: Mustard Batons”

  1. Yummy, I’m all over these! I can’t help but notice, you look like you gave the most amazing spice rack in your kitchen. I could be wrong, but if that’s a spice rack, I’m getting my hubby to make me a similar one!

  2. Maya: Thanks! Ha, yeah! That’s ‘spice rack central’ on the back of the basement door. Just got a bunch of cheap wire rack shelves and drilled them into the door. It’s nice, because I can basically keep going if needed, the whole length of the door 😉

  3. I love how yours turned out! I wanted to try sesame seeds but was worried they wouldn’t show up in pictures but now that I see yours, I see that I was wrong! I’ll definitely be trying it next time!

  4. I agree with everything in your list. I made a half batch myself. I like the idea of the grainy mustard and will add that to my own list of variations to try.

  5. Great photos – my 17 year old and his visiting friend walked past the computer and said your batons looked “amazing”. I think they are trying to get me to make more 🙂 Nana and I had a blast making these and we will definitely be revisiting this one. Sounds like you will be enjoying trying new options as well. I am excited to try some sweet options as well (as usual). Another wonderful French Friday….

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