La Fête du Fromage: Robusto!


A blog I love and have just recently discovered, Chez Loulou, hosts a wonderful event called “La Fête du Fromage” and I am super happy to participate in this one. This is the ninth one and although I didn’t post in the eight previous ones, I was certainly there in spirit. At least I hope I am participating in this one, as posts are due today and I have no idea how the Portland to France time difference thing is going to play out. *fingers crossed*


Anyway, the cheese I chose is Robusto, which is one of my most favorite cheeses ever. It was a happy accident — I was walking around the Whole Foods by work about a year ago and they had some Robusto pieces out to sample and I tried one (two. okay, four.). Oh my god, I loved the cheese! It’s kind of sharp and mild all at the same time. Kind of like if Gouda and Parmesan had a tasty, delicious love child.


The texture is a little hard, with a little crystallization like you can get on Parmesan, but the interior yields nicely to a knife. Today, I had a slice on its own but then I remembered that I had made walnut bread the other day, so I put a few slices of the robusto on a some of the bread. Oh my. So good with the walnuts and the creamy-sharp cheese!


I had my cheese and bread snack with a glass (okay, two) of chilled Columbia Crest Sauvignon Blanc from Washington state. The wine was very nice and crisp! But back to the robusto — I love this cheese so much. It has a somewhat nutty flavor and the Internets tell me that it is from Holland and aged about 9 months. If you can find it, I would definitely recommend picking up some robusto cheese!

Okay, so I’m looking forward to reading about all the other cheeses on Chez Loulou for La Fête du Fromage. But really, I think every day should be a day of cheese. Seriously.

4 Replies to “La Fête du Fromage: Robusto!”

  1. Sounds like a cheese I would love. I’m always nibbling on shards of Parmesan.
    Thanks for participating in this month’s Fête du Fromage. Hope to see you again next month!

  2. Talk about two of my favorite cheeses… having a love child! I’m glad to find your blog – I grew up in Portland and am so glad that it’s become (known as) such an awesome foodie city.

  3. Loulou: Thanks! I will start hunting for a cheese now 😉
    Camille: Welcome! Yes, Portland is delicious! Thanks finding my blog and commenting! 🙂

  4. I was really glad to see older posts made about the Robusto cheese from Whole Foods because that means it will probably be around for a long time. I found it at the location in Vancouver and LOVE it. I daydream about the flavor of this cheese and the little crystals which are so yummy to nibble on! 😀

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