HPotD: Day Four


You know, just walking around Old Town and Darth Vader is playing violin with a Yoda puppet. jwa poses with Darth and the puppet.


Last night we went to the Wild Saffron Bistro for dinner. That place was really good. I had a green salad and some roast chicken and jwa had a smoked tuna loin appetizer and salmon in miso broth over a dumpling or something. We split a white chocolate creme brulee for dessert. Excellent!

Today, we’re seeing a play, and the dude from Battlestar Galactica is in it — Felix Gaeta. He almost got airlocked last season, you know.

PS: Happy Mother’s day.

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  1. Sara: Thanks!
    Yeah, that’s right, you’re in Canada! I forgot about that. We like your country very much…it is super fun to wander around the grocery store and admire the bilingual packaging 🙂

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