Hooray for Portland! (or Escape from Mendocino County)


Finally, three days late, we have returned to Oregon. Stupid mud/land slides and flooding. Tuesday AM we drove from San Francisco to Gualala, CA (on the north Sonoma Coast) and planned on leaving Friday — which was, essentially, when everything went to hell in Northern California. We got as far as Fort Bragg, (Mendocino County) as Highway 101 (eight miles North of Highway 1) got hit by a landslide. Yeah, not just mud, but actual land according to Cal trans. State Road 20 to the east (connecting the coast to Interstate 5) also was closed due to a mud/land slide. Oh, and Sonoma County to the South? Flooded.

We were stuck. Completely trapped in Northern California — from Friday to Monday AM. Sure, it’s a nice place to be stuck but damn, after a day or so we both just really wanted to come home. We tried to make the best of it with an impromptu New Year’s Eve feast at Mendo Bistro and a cute room with a 50%-off flood discount. Details and reviews of three (or more) Northern California restaurants coming this week (and I may actually cook food if I can get to the grocery store tomorrow)! But tonight, sleep. Tomorrow, back at work. A new, longer post coming tomorrow night or Wednesday morning.

I am just so so SO glad to be back.