Pizza Night: We Love You


This was one amazing pizza. It’s especially good, as it’s one of the meals that jwa and I typically make together. I prep all of the ingredients and then he works his magic. He makes the most excellent pizza. This post is really less of a recipe than pictures of jwa making an amazing pesto-vegetable pizza.

Our approach to pizza is to typically unleash all of the vegetables we have on hand, a variety of cheeses and either a pesto or olive oil & garlic or a tomato-based pasta sauce on the unsuspecting crust.

This time, we used a Boboli, which we both like quite a bit. To start, he brushes the bottom of the crust with a little olive oil, then just a bit on the top. Then, stick it in a 450 degree oven (on a baking sheet), for about 2-3 minutes, just to give the crust a little head start.


As you can see, he has his pizza-making empire spread out before him. This includes: pesto (basil, olive oil, pine nuts & pumpkin seeds, garlic, lemon juice, Parmesan, salt & pepper), grilled portobello mushrooms, garlic, onions, sliced tomatoes, roasted red & yellow peppers, a shredded mozzarella, fontina and assiago mix, little fresh mozzarella balls, olives, artichoke hearts, red pepper flakes, dried basil and….a mix of fresh oregano, marjoram and thyme.


First comes the pesto on the warm pizza crust, followed by the layering of all the veggies or whatever pizza toppings are being used. In this instance, the peppers, mushrooms, onion, artichoke hearts and olives.


Then there is a initial layer of cheese. Oh, there will be more. This is followed by tomato slices and the fresh herbs. Then, you guessed it, more cheese. Then some dried herbs and red pepper flakes — just a little sprinkle!


When the pizza weighs more than a small animal, then you know it is ready for the oven. It bakes at 450 for about 15-20 minutes. We both like it when the top is a little golden and everything is all gooey and the cheese along the edges is all crusty. That’s what some folks might call “good eats”.


While the pizza is doing its thing in the hot oven, it’s time to start on a beer. Perhaps this is also a good time to stick two more beers in the freezer so that they are extra, extra cold when you are ready for them.


If you can restrain yourself, I’ve found with very top-heavy pizzas, it’s a good idea to let them sit about 5 minutes before cutting and eating. Good luck with that…

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